The 10 Men That I Am

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March 16, 2017


I am small,

brown - fight me


I am high connections in low places.

Mighty, try me


I am the image they have of me.

The boogeyman under the bed

the monster in the closet,

the one they fear.

But I have my fair share of

scary skeletons in the closet -

that's how I got here.


I am resourceful.

I let my income stack up

but it's practically highway robbery

with these taxes.

A cut for Caesar, some for myself;

a lot from you to sustain my wealth.

It's just my job


I am doing my job

even if it means when I make my way

through the streets

I see people staring down on me -

down on me

not just cause I'm short

but cause they see me

as some sort of monster.

I just tipped the scales to my favor but now


I am the scale they seek to lay the weight

of their glares upon.

Someone take this yoke

on my shoulders I bear alone.

Feels hard to forget that


I am lonely.

Streets of Jericho are never empty

but my heart is.

Break these walls surrounding.


I am curious

when I see a crowd

rally around

the man I--heard of

what he did

to leprosy, Pharisees, Sadducees.

Sad to see

he has nothing

yet people flock to him.

What about me?

I climb the closest sycamore-fig tree,

I need to see him more, would he

see me here - would he

a man so good ever break bread

look me in the eyes and just sit

with me - would he


I am called.

The man from the crowd

calls to the man on a tree

with the same name I haven't heard

said with love for so long.


He said, "Come down from there."

From where?

This false podium I created

or the ego that I've always inflated

the tall wooden chair from where I sit

or the networked connections that bind me up like a puppet.

"Come down from there,

break bread with me"

He said.

Broke my chains instead.

Restore my identity.

He did

restore my name

in the name of Jesus.


I am Zacchaeus.

Written by Donne Arvin Caballero, Muir College, Class of 2017

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