Sharing Your Story

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March 9, 2017

Do you ever find yourself wanting to share something Jesus has done in your life, but at a loss for the words? Or ever want to tell someone you are Christian but want to do it smoothly? Well, Christian’s would call this an opportunity to share your testimony. If you are unfamiliar with this word, let me start by saying though it can sound intense (and have you picturing court rooms) it’s really not.

In its basic terms, a testimony is the story of how you came to be a follower of Jesus. Imagine someone asking you how you met a new friend. It’s the same thing here; it’s a way to tell people how you got to know Jesus.

Lets look at a classic book to movie friendship: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Let’s say someone asked Harry how he met Ron. Harry might say something like, “The first time I met Ron was actually when I was trying to find Platform 9 ¾. I was pretty lost, but Ron’s mom helped me and introduced us. We were both new students, and once we were put into Gryffindor House we spent a lot of time together. Been best friends ever since.”

In this simple story we get to see not only how they met but also an insight into their friendship. For example, we learn how long they’ve been friends and how well they click. In this story we also learn more about Ron. For example we learn he’s from Gryffindor House and that he was a new student at the same time as Harry.

Now, in this same way, testimony can help people understand your relationship with Jesus but also help to see Him in a new perspective. This perspective is awesome and powerful because it’s yours!

            Sharing your testimony shouldn’t be a scary process. It should be a fun and personal way to open up to people. It’s a way to take conversations to new and deeper levels. Never discount your story, even if you don’t think it’s “story to movie” worthy. God does, because it’s your story with Him!

If sharing your testimony still sounds intimidating, or you’d just like some practice… come to the workshop appropriately called “Share Your Story”! During this workshop we’ll examine the ways that one’s personal story impacts others. We’ll do this by looking at a bible passage in which this was done. We’ll also give you guided questions to help you think through your own story with Jesus… how it began and grew. Come learn how to confidently share your story this Thursday: 7pm at the CCC conference room.

Kayley Cox, UCSD Marshall College, Class of 2017

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